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GOAB is a conference for Partnerships, Growth and Innovation in Startups, Tech, and Design. Unleashing Opportunities to Collaborate in the Philippines and Beyond.

The conference is a connector between the leading tech capitals and the emerging startup promise lands of today.

GOAB has given the spotlight to the Philippines and nearby regions.

What is goab?

Geeks On A Beach (GOAB) is a unique conference combining serious discussions on today's pressing topics with the beauty of world-renowned beaches. It attracts top influencers from the Asian tech and startup sectors, including leaders like Jojo Flores, Minette Navarrete, and Khailee Ng. GOAB bridges leading tech hubs with emerging startup regions, spotlighting the Philippines and its neighbors. The upcoming GOAB aims to reconnect the community and explore new opportunities. Initially started by, now rebranded as #GeeksPH, GOAB continues to inspire innovation.

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