Startup Founders to Give 100% Fluff-free Practical Tips

We’ve invited these startup founders and entrepreneurs to give 100% fluff-free and practical tips that attendees can bring into play the next day. More speakers to come who will be joining us in Palawan for this year’s Geeks On A Beach!

Excited to know who are they? Read below. 

Yobie Benjamin is a successful venture investor and innovator in life sciences, IoT, FinTech, sustainability and consumer products. In recognition of his technology achievements in virtual reality, the World Economic Forum named him as a 2015 Technology Pioneer.

Currently, Mr. Benjamin is an Innovation Fellow at 4iNNO, working on health care disruption with several Fortune 100 firms.

He is also senior advisor and mentor to several startups in the technology and synthetic biology space — (satellites and space imagery, satellite communications), (clean water and clean power), Stilla (wearables), (forest and wildlife conservation/carbon credits), WearableWorld (IoT accelerator), (payments/FinTech), (fuel and energy delivery) and IndieBio (synthetic biology accelerator).

Mr. Benjamin is also the Consulting CTO of, a service that helps financial institutions become more competitive by solving the complex problem of switching account holders’ direct deposits and electronic payments to new accounts. He also serves as CTO Emeritus of, providing software to banks that enable them to issue a new payment type designed specifically for use in the digital era. Mr. Benjamin has recently raised $18.5MM for Token.

Mr. Benjamin is a member of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank Faster Payments Task Force. He is also an adjunct lecturer at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, teaching an executive education course on Global Angel Investing.

Previously, Mr. Benjamin was Global Chief Technology Officer for Citibank Institutional Clients Group/Global Transaction Services. He was also Chairman of Citi’s Research Development Innovation & Learning Center. For many years, Mr. Benjamin was a Partner and Chief of Global Strategy at Ernst & Young, LLP.

He was a co-founder of Avegant, where he led the software development of the next generation of virtual reality and augmented/mixed reality devices (winner of a 2014 CNN Top 10 Technology Products award for the Avegant Glyph and Skully Systems AR1 Helmet).

Mr. Benjamin has also served as Managing Director/Partner at Computer Sciences Corporation. He was a former chair of a civilian volunteer group NASA AMES Collaboration Labs.

He is currently writing a book, “Tribes of the Valley” chronicling the different power tribes and groups in Silicon Valley. It is due for publication in Q3 of 2018.

Mikko Perez is the Founder and CEO of AyannahHe was also an investment manager at Next Century Partners, where he managed private equity on behalf of Soros Fund Management, LLC and several institutional investors. He was also an investment banker at JP Morgan Chase (Hambrecht & Quist) in San Francisco where he advised technology, media, and telecom ventures.

Mikko serves on the board of several companies and foundations. Having begun his career as a community organizer helping build social enterprises in the Philippines, he remains actively involved in initiatives that support social entrepreneurship and sustainable development in emerging markets.

Mikko holds a BSc in Management (with Honors) and a BA in Development Studies (with Honors & Award for Excellence) from the Ateneo de Manila University, and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Aldo Carrascoso is the Co-Founder and CEO of GlycoProX Biosciences (GPX). GPX combines next generation glycomics (carbohydrates), instrumentation (LC/MS) and deep machine learning to augment cancer diagnosis, biomarker and target discovery for the development of more efficacious therapeutics.

Prior to GPX, Aldo was the Founder and COO / CTO of San Francisco based Veem (formerly Align Commerce), a next generation replacement for outdated wire and telegraphic transfer systems. Align uses the blockchain and its proprietary multi-rail systems to change the way global cross border payments are done – making the process simpler, faster and more transparent to over 60 countries. Some of the company’s investors include Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield, Byers (the same venture capital responsible for Google, Twitter, Amazon, Uber, Waze, Slack and SnapChat among others), Google Ventures, Softbank Ventures, National Australian Bank, Silicon Valley Bank Ventures, Recruit Strategic Partners, and NYCA Investment Partnership LP (led by Hans Morris, former President of Visa and Max Levchin, founding CTO of PayPal).

Prior to founding Veem, Aldo was the Founder and CTO of Jukin Technologies / Jukin Media – one of the world’s largest User Generated Content (UGC) payments and licensing platforms with over 80 billion global views, 50 million platform shares and over 10 million active contributors and subscribers in 221 markets. Jukin is currently being used by some of the world’s largest television networks and production companies including ABC, BBC, CBS, Comedy Central, CNN, Discovery, ESPN, FOX, HBO, MTV, NBC, TruTV, Vh1, and hundreds of other websites, and platforms throughout the world. Jukin’s main properties include FailArmy, JukinVideo, People Are Awesome, the Pet Collective, World’s Funniest on FOX and That’s Funny! on UK’s Channel 5. Samsung Investments, Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments Inc., Launchpad LA, and Maker Studios are some of Jukin’s lead investors.

Aldo is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and technology disruptor. Prior to Jukin, he founded a number of ventures in global B2B matchmaking, international trading/finance, and business process outsourcing. Aldo has an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Babson and degree in Psychology from Ateneo De Manila University.

Robertson Chiang is the COO/CTO of Dragonpay Corporation. Robertson graduated top of his class with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from Ateneo de Manila University in 1991. After college, he worked for 2years at Citibank Philippines as a Systems Analyst. He went on to pursue an MBA degree at Babson Graduate School of Business in the USA. His intention was to balance his tech training with a business angle. After school, Robertson returned to Manila to start a small Internet Service Provider. The Internet craze was just starting in the Philippines and a lot of players were jumping on the bandwagon. It was during this time, that Robertson struggled for a couple of years until they were acquired by the biggest local private ISP. Robertson joined the bigger ISP initially as head of technology and eventually resigned in 2012 to work full-time on Dragonpay, his own startup.

Christian Blanquera is the Founding CTO of Incorporated at the same time he is the CEO & Founder of

In a country where technology is needed in almost every aspect of the culture, Christian finds his purpose being in the Philippines. He believes he can disrupt; cause change and inspire through technology. He runs a 40+ man staff all in which belief in his skills to do so.


Jay Fajardo is a returning GOAB speaker at the same time a serial tech entrepreneur, a coder, and a soccer player.

He is currently co-founder and CEO of Ruby development shop PROUDCLOUD, co-founder and CTO of health tech startup MEDIFI, and the founder and CEO of LAUNCHGARAGE, an innovation hub based in Manila.

In 2002, he founded Wi-Fi hotspot network Airborne Access, which was acquired by PLDT in 2008.

As a regular speaker at local and international forums on the South East Asian startup ecosystem, and held roles as director, advisor, and mentor in various tech startups, Jay is considered to be one of the pioneers and thought leaders of the Philippine tech startup scene.

Jonathan Defensor de Luzuriaga is the Founder & CEO of CMI Tech, a software innovations company involved in developments in the web, mobile and cloud solutions for various verticals.

As the President of the Philippine Software Industry Association, Jonathan leads the way for the Information Technology industry of the Philippines.

Jonathan’s latest conquest is to create the Philippines’ Silicon Valley.

Spring Valley was created to address the need for a venue where Innovation and Technology are cultivated and nurtured in terms of talent development and intellectual property creation. Spring Valley aims to be Asia and the Pacific’s answer to Silicon Valley in the US – with a few exciting tweaks!

The main goal of Spring Valley is to become a Melting Pot of talented technology experts and innovators whose focus is to design, develop and deploy game-changing creations and inventions that will help make this world a better place.

Jonathan is a seasoned independent World Bank Consultant for global information technology initiatives responsible for the design and implementation of such projects as the Center of Excellence in IT-BPO for Central Africa, the feasibility study of the Malili Technopark in Kenya as well as a multitude of talent mapping initiatives in Southeast Asia. He has been invited on numerous occasions to lecture about outsourcing and off- shoring at various events and conferences in all parts of the world.

He is known simply as JDL within the different sectors of business processing, information technology, and innovation. He holds a Political Science degree from the De La Salle University.

Joey Gurango is the founder of Gurango Software and Independent Director of Xurpas Inc.  Joey started his IT career way back in 1982 when he got a job with Apple Computer as a product support engineer for the Lisa computer, the predecessor to the Macintosh. Then in 1986, he worked as a programmer at Microsoft on version 1.0 of Excel for Windows. He moved back to the Philippines in 1991 to start his own software company called Match Data Systems, which he sold to Great Plains Software in 1999 and was acquired by Microsoft in 2003. He worked as a Microsoft executive between 1999 and 2003, first as the Managing Director for the business solutions software development team, then as the Asia-Pacific Regional Director for Products and Services.

He is currently the CEO and CTO of Gurango Software, an award-winning global provider of Human Capital Management solutions, serving over 500 customers in 15 different countries. In addition to leading Gurango Software, Joey has co-founded or mentored several startups, co-founded the LaunchPad program, and has been President of the Philippine Software Industry Association (2013-2014). He is currently an Independent Director of Xurpas Inc. and Managing Director of Kation Technologies.

Joey’s advocacy is to grow the Philippine software industry to become a major contributor to nation-building.

Ravi Agarwal is a serial entrepreneur who previously founded three companies in Boston, two of which have had exits: today they employ over 3,000 people and one is public (NASDAQ: EIGI). Ravi has invested in several companies as an angel investor in the US and Asia and is also a Limited Partner in 500 Startups.

Many moons ago, he was chosen by Entrepreneur Magazine in their “3rd Annual 10 under 30” – top 10 business people under the age of 30 years old. He is co-inventor of a US Patent on Internet security, patent #8,566,938.

In 2011, he volunteered with Grameen Foundation in Ghana and Uganda working on health and agriculture programs. Based on market gaps he saw, he then co-founded engageSPARK, a social enterprise based in Cebu, Philippines, to help organizations of all sizes interact with anyone via any phone using Automated Voice Calls, 2-way SMS, and Facebook Messenger – at scale. engageSPARK has been used in 130+ countries and includes customers such as Facebook, Google, and UNICEF. engageSPARK has recently raised funding from both 500 Startups and 500 Durians, as well as, a Manila based social impact investor.

Norlin Sunga is the Founder of NRS Business Solutions. She believes that the startup culture is not for everybody, especially those with backgrounds working for large organizations with fully formed processes and the top technology tools at their disposal to complete their work goals. The first thing that separated Norlin from others at her level is she never focused on what wasn’t available to her; she used the tools that were available to get the job done.

Norlin has a strong ability to prioritize. While building out these rudimentary systems, she still had many other essential responsibilities including maintaining client relationships, managing dozens of employees, helping implement new processes internally, and managing multiple new projects to deadline. Norlin knew exactly what tasks she could push when she could push them and was able to communicate changes in priorities well in advance so everybody’s expectations were being met.

Norlin relishes the role of being a mentor and advisor to fellow leaders within the organization that has less experience while also listening to those experienced voices around her to continue her own development.

Most importantly, Norlin understands that her role as a leader doesn’t mean she needs to do everything on her own. She can create and share a vision, select the right people to perform the right functions to move those projects forward, trust them to get the work done and remain a pillar of support that inspires the people she oversees to invest in her and the goals of the company. These are amazing traits to have for anybody let alone with Norlin’s amount of time in the management role.

Sagiv Massad is a retired Israeli Ari-Force Brigadier General with a service of 30 years as a combat pilot. His last position with the Air force was the head of the operations planning. He served as the Israel Defense Attaché to Korea, Vietnam, Philippines and Australia from 2005-2008.

Currently, Sagiv is the Director for Technology and Cyber Security of Business Profiles, an established security consulting firm specializing in Enterprise-Wide Risk Management and Corporate Business Security.

Prior to working at Business Profiles, he also served as the General Director of SNP International and a New Hospital Project Manager at Family Medical Practice in Vietnam.

Sagiv graduated in Tel Aviv University with an EMBA Business Administration, Management, and Operations.

Carlo Calimon was the first grand winner of GOAB Annual Pitching Competition.

Carlo Calimon took his MBA degree at the Asian Institute of Management. Very recently, he became the director of StartUp Village and for four years he stood as Founder, President, and CEO of MobKard. He is also Co-owner of GreenRides, Managing Partner of GoSee, and an Angelpreneur, speaker, business mentor at GoNegosyo for more than a decade.

Carlo is a hardworking and driven individual who has always strived to become better, to grow and learn from the various experiences he has engaged in. He would like to be able to use his skills in order to help organizations grow and move forward in achieving greater heights.

So there you have it, our first batch of speakers with a wide array of expertise and experiences. Get to know them. Learn and grow from the insights and knowledge that they will be sharing at Geeks on a Beach. Avail of our 40% OFF Group of 4 Package + Affordable Housing for only P11,950 per person. Click here to register.


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