An Update on the Philippine Startup Landscape


March 4, The Hub Singapore. It was the perfect venue to put the spotlight to the “geeks”. As part of our ongoing effort to build the community of entrepreneurs globally, we brought in three influential figures in the startup landscape in the Philippines. The goal is plain and simple; educate and inform not only the Filipino community but also expats who have their tech firms here. Our event partner, The Hub Singapore is a co-working space where business people with a great synergy of creativity, innovation and technology reside. It was the second event we held there, and we are pleased to witness how we are making traction within the expat community here in Singapore.

Our panel of speakers provided deeper insights and greater value out of our event theme; “What makes the Philippines and exciting hub of creative potential for startup communities, investors and incubators.”

Mr. Joey Gurango provided a well-balanced and realistic point of view of doing business in the Philippines, having worked for Steve Jobs (Apple) and Bill Gates (Microsoft), he brought his rich experience to the Philippines when he set up his own company.

Mr. Wilson Chua shared us his journey in building his business through bootstrapped strategies and data-driven techniques. His passion to build something big from small beginnings was enough to inspire everyone in the room.

Ms. Tina Amper gave us an overview of how her TechTalk community has evolved into a global gathering that is Geeks on a Beach. It is a workable model of leveraging from existing community expertise and tech events to give you that edge of doing business.

The credibility of the panel is enough for the audience to get “hooked” about doing business in the Philippines. It’s a matter of finding the right partners to work with to increase your chances of success.

An Update on the Philippine Startup Landscape

Here is what our speakers have to say:

“It was nice to see the spirit of Filipino entrepreneurship alive and well among the PH expat community in SG. The interest was genuine, and the motivation to do good for their country was heartfelt. I enjoyed sharing my experiences and learnings with this group, and I would be very happy to contribute some more in the future. “

Joey Gurango
CEO, Gurango Software

“Great networking event among like-minded people.”

Wilson Chua
Founder, FutureGen

“Fantastic event.  Very Inspiring.  Interesting to see fellow Pinoys in Singapore have the same aspirations as those in the Philippines (guess around the world..) 

Some who have established careers have side projects and startups in the works.  In this case, a local peer group such as Filtreps is critical to providing support in the early stages of establishing the business.

Mentors like Wilson Chua and Joey Gurango, who have “been there, done that” are great to have.  

Filtreps – may your tribe become bigger and stronger.  Can’t wait to see your case studies at GOAB.”

Tina Amper
Founder, Geeks on a Beach,

If you want to do business in the Philippines or want to connect with the tech/startup community there, one way is to attend or similar meetups as a way to meet people.  From there, you will meet experts and enthusiasts who can then help you get educated on what’s going on on the ground.  Alternatively, engaging with, Wilson or Joey, as your partner in doing business in the Philippines, would also work as we have “been there, done that”.

If you are from overseas or have little time; Geeks on a Beach (GOAB )is a great way to meet industry leaders and influencers in one venue.  Being an archipelago, you may have to visit 2-3 other cities to get a feel for the native ecosystem.   GOAB also attracts SEA investors, founders and startup community leaders — adding more value to your attendance at GOAB.  Have one trip to an international conference to a beach resort may save you multiple trips to the region.



Photos: Flordeliza Juera
Article: Robert Cristobal (Frame 316), Tina Amper (Geeks on a Beach)

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